Oakley Prizm- let them go – first bomb: Flight Deck Prizm

About Prizm Technologies:

The human eye is very sensitive to two precise colors within a snowy atmosphere with fairly low color contrast, blue and orange. PRIZM technologies via the highlight and strengthen the two sensitive colors to filter other irrelevant background color, through the precise adjustment of your colour, clearly show the details from the snow environment, optimize the visual contrast, realistic rendering objects Color, in order that the contours of your object and texture to acquire additional clear insight. Skiers within the taxiing procedure is no longer subject to the background colour interference, visual attention is totally concentrated within the movement of obstacles in the observation and detailed judgments, see a lot more clearly in the snow, the reaction is a lot more rapid, the performance even better.
On the road to Prizm, Oakley spent 15 years, through the material and procedure modifications, and lastly in 2014 effectively launched. Interestingly, within the identical year Dragon also “tacit understanding” to launch the Transition variable light lens technology, so the market appeared a great deal of Prizm VS Transition or subjective or objective contrast and evaluation. Overview the last quarter of your snow mirror technologies battle, it really is seriously brilliant.

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For the actual feelings of Prizm, quoted the Olympic Games women’s mountain downhill champion American athlete Lindsay Vaughan’s evaluation: “Any snow inside the gully and convex surface of this series of smaller information inside the new PRIZM lens is clearly restored, one particular An insight, ice and snow ‘as’ sector, in no way seen just before.

About my snow mirror:

I was within the last snow season, with 1415 Dragon APX Transition and Oakley Suqian Canopy Prizm, had the habit of repeatedly comparing the entire season and experienced the newest two most desirable lens technology, also participated within the battle, I the majority of the time Are in the cost-effective and sensible point of view to pals encouraged Dragon Transition, and in actual fact they’re still more proud of Oakley Prizm.

So, in this new snow season, I added Oakley Flight Deck Prizm and A-Frame Prizm two snow glasses, and retained the Dragon APX Transition as a backup.

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For A-Frame, just like the military I truly is its loyal customers. Among the factors is that it can be SEAL’s imperial goggles. The purpose for the second, A-Frame is usually compatible with any helmet, with out hat, with hat, DH having a large hat and jaw. A-Frame full-line lenses, from Black Iridium to Clear also have or have, or observed. So this year also firmly chosen A-Frame Sapphire Iridium Prizm lens.

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For Flight Deck, look at an knowledge of Oakley’s Borderless Snow Mirror, which might be in comparison to the additional objective and Dragon Transition. This year’s Flight Deck, the identical selection could be the light transmittance inside the most practical worth with the iridium-plated Sapphire Iridium Prizm lens.

Oakley Flight Deck Sapphire Iridium Prim Encounter


I made use of the largest snow mirror, even larger than APX on a circle. Girls are also fully applicable, if you feel also abrupt, you may opt for Flight Deck XM model. Flight Deck would be the reference to the pilot helmet mask design of your snow mirror, so very higher grid, sapphire color using a massive lens coated with iridium reflective, full of a sense from the future. For the look, I personally like this design, while I have a knot of option A-Frame, but have to admit that Flight Deck is no border inside the mirror feel really attractive.

Helmet compatibility:

In use, the use of the hat without the need of the Uvex Hypersonic, the overall modest brim Giro Discord soft shell, and split tiny hat Uvex html5 Pro. 3 kinds of helmets, respectively, on behalf in the no eaves unobstructed snow above the ventilation holes; the entire smaller eaves above with an independent ventilation hole with snow above the upper hole; independent small cap eaves using a separate open ventilation holes, manual Combined with all the snow above the three diverse use of ventilation holes. Primarily observe the impact of your helmet around the anti-fog and defogging impact from the snow mirror, at the same time as the impact from the hat on the snow wear, the snow mirror strap along with the helmet binding effect.

The results show that, whether or not there isn’t any hat, or the all round small brim and split compact eaves, the Flight Deck won’t have an effect, using a helmet helmet and snow above the arc fit really complete, not right The nose part features a sense of oppression.

Snow mirror straps substantial, versatile, each inside the smooth surface of the helmet, or inside the matte surface of your helmet can possess a excellent friction, is not going to produce a slip.

And the helmet using the defogging fog function described in the subsequent section.

Defogging impact:

For snow mirror itself, anti-fog and defogging efficiency, snow mirror anti-fog effect will likely be affected by the helmet and face effect. At this stage in use, respectively, the usage of the Buff using a modest bite using a compact breathing face, Buff single layer of magic towel seamless face, Airhole with a massive breathing hole of your face as a distinctive use with the scene. Respectively, to observe the anti-fog impact of snow mirror.

Because of the usage of the period, the temperature is in between -6 ℃ ~ six ℃, humidity of about 65%, no encountered beneath -20 ℃ low temperature wind drying and other extra extreme climate, so in extreme environments, Fog impact only as soon as once more wait for climate modify following additional experience.

In the above temperature and humidity, just after all day replacement combination of wearing a helmet and face, open the closed helmet ventilation holes, select a different breathing hole of your face, face pressure in the snow mirror, or on the outdoors of the snow mirror, are Didn’t create snow on the effect of anti-fog and defogging. There is absolutely no fog phenomenon, soon after the movement, the snow mirror into the helmet through the hole above, did not locate the fog generated.


Asian models can meet the Asian face, especially the cheekbones and nose components from the shape, won’t decline, it is going to not generate a sense of oppression, it is not just add the sponge parts with the nose may be achieved. Oakley’s Asian fit is usually a large amount of study and experiment. For Flight Deck such a big snow mirror, the weight handle is extremely very good, the shape on the Asian section and multi-layer multi-density sponge liner, so that following the bandage, it is going to not generate oppression, so put on a high degree of comfort, And even the collapse with the bridge is not going to conveniently fall.

As for the feeling on the lens, can only say that people can not quit, wide field of vision, no peripheral framework from the blind spot, there’s no internal framework of your effect of line of sight, and help OTG (Over The Glasses, which can be to support the internal application of myopia, but strongly Propose performing so, try to work with speak to lenses, so the safest). For the sense of clarity would be the require to contrast by means of distinct lens technology to have knowledge. With the light transmittance Prizm and ordinary plated iridium film in the lens soon after comparison, will of course feel the degree of reduction, contrast and clarity higher, but only within the replacement on the contrast will be aware of, when the starting has been making use of Prizm , Then you may perhaps feel that such clarity is usually a matter needless to say, only immediately after you replace the use of different lenses, will uncover Prizm like listening to music, taste food, taste after gone, want to come down may very well be hard.

But the Prizm lens is not Transition, there’s a specific selection of light transmission limit, for the fairly versatile sapphire plated iridium film Prizm lens, the light and too dark, can only be tolerated, this is not An all-weather adaptive lens, but for typical climate, a lens can also be enough to support the shady slope of your Dragon from eight:30 am cable vehicle, till 5 pm down a pleasant day.

Disassemble Replacement Lens:

Flight Deck replacement lenses in general is still fairly simple, the framework is extremely soft, the new snow lens breaking the lens when it truly is extremely smooth, quick to set up and replace the lens, try to remember to dismantle from major to bottom, when installed from bottom to prime The law is usually, and glasses inside the box also includes a detailed dismantling installation diagram, clear and straightforward to know.

There is absolutely no other Flight Deck lens on hand, but nevertheless use a range of or rough or delicate solution to repeatedly dismantle the lens a dozen instances, due to the fact the frame and lens interface style is quite scientific, right after every single installation up, the gap could be maintained The general consistency, individuals replace the lens can also be extremely practical, do not have to be concerned about simply because the seal isn’t fog. Lens area is huge, but also no border design, dismantling the installation is easy to rub on the fingerprint, in the event you can like Airbrake and Airwave with Switchlock may be additional hassle-free to replace the lens, you could properly minimize the fingerprint pollution.

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to sum up

Since the use of Flight Deck, I am pretty happy using the use of scenery, sight, sight, comfort, compatibility along with other elements, are worth for income, regrettably, this year’s climate has not been in a position to kind the ultimate test of the climate atmosphere, otherwise You are able to know the cold fog in the case of anti-fog impact. But this year’s warm winter can show the ideal test climate, seriously difficult to say.

The next bomb are going to be my preferred A-Frame Prizm snow mirror evaluation, so remain tuned.

The US Special Forces oakley glasses models

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Oakley goggle in the figure should be the following style:
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FLIGHT DECK ™ Flight deck Frame color Frame color WHITE White Lens color Lens color Blue Iridium Blue iridium coating Transparency 15% for sunny Price Price 180 USD 180 USD (pre-tax) I also like this Goggle last year In November when the official website of a set, and selected the Asian version of the Asian version of the design at the bridge of the nose will be narrower to fit the lower nose of the Asians and narrower nose results for a month without goods, but Usually skiing has not seen someone wearing this flying deck, feeling may not produce a lot of it The price is above the high-end snow mirror, but the price is generally I am now using Smith Optics IO / X, you can wear myopia glasses, and comes with a replaceable lens is a 15% transmittance, apply In the sunny day, one is 55% for snow or cloudy days



Once the oakley motorcycle goggles grew to become a scorching item

Once the motorcycle goggles grew to become a scorching item, Jannard began establishing eyewear that was element goggles and aspect sunglasses for skiers and bicyclists. In 1983 Oakley started promoting ski goggles. Up coming yr the company moved into the sunglasses industry. Cyclist Greg Le Mond wore Oakley sunglasses in 1986 on his technique to winning the Tour de France, becoming the primary of lots of star athletes for being connected with advertising and marketing Oakley sunglasses. Jannard was encouraged to produce new sunglass versions. One was the company’s trademark Blades model, which featured interchangeable wraparound lenses that slipped into a easy carbon-fibre frame.
Significantly less clear, though, is what basically occurred Wednesday night that resulted in Oakley’s ejection.
In the get started from the game, Oakley was sitting with several buddies, plus they weren’t far from Dolan’s normal seat, that’s from the front row during the corner from the court. Accounts of Oakley’s conduct at that point differ broadly, with some supporters saying they did not hear or see Oakley saying or performing something inappropriate, or attempting to provoke Dolan, and many others suggesting he appeared somewhat combative.

Oakley explained he wasn’t positive about irrespective of whether he could be permitted to go back for the Backyard, incorporating, “as extended as the fans care about me – I enjoy the supporters and I’m usually going to like the fans. I’m a Knicks fan for daily life no matter if I go back on the Backyard or not.”
On Thursday morning, Oakley informed The Undefeated’s Mike Wise that he “shouldn’t have place my hands on everyone, but how [the Knicks] are saying it took place isn’t how it took place.”

The workforce stated that Oakley was insulting Dolan, with whom he had feuded for years. Oakley says he was undertaking absolutely nothing confrontational when he explained security asked why he was sitting so near to Dolan and advised him to depart. Oakley says he told him that he had purchased his ticket.

“I was sitting right there by John McEnroe and doing nothing at all,” Oakley mentioned. “I only got mad whenever they advised me I couldn’t remain and so they commence surrounding me.”

Brand Oakley’s History

At present, Oakley already has more than 600 patented technologies, and continue to find problems and art to find a solution. This unique philosophy makes Oakley one of the most representative and unique brands on the market, and its innovative technology helps world-class athletes to the best of their athles. Oakley’s outstanding High Definition Optics (HDO) technology is used in the fields of sunglasses, optical glasses and skiing mirrors, making them one of the best products on the market and favored by a large number of consumers. Now, Oakley has developed from the world’s leading sports glasses brand to participate in sportswear, footwear and accessories leading sports brand.

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The walls are divided into five different areas of the Oakley brand. Key words: Passionate, Humble, Innovative, Performance-Obsessed and Authentic,

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Oakley classic Goggles (left) and Blades (right), the first generation were officially released in 1980 and 1985

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Compared to the Over the Top, Oakley’s many other cool products seem to be more normal

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Now Google Glass is sparking the trend of smart electronic glasses, but in fact Oakley as early as 10 years ago has been expected to combine the trend of glasses and electronic products, launched this music glasses, this glasses in the frame around the legs were integrated music Players and headphones that allow riders to enjoy music more easily in training

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In your eyes, what is Oakley? Probably and they show here the same, is a group of giants or science weirdo what …

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In this corridor there is a Meng Meng’s children wrote to Oakley’s letter of thanks

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There is an infirmary on one side of the corridor

Walked above the corridor to Oakley’s production department, but based on confidential reasons, which will not take pictures, so we can only look over there. Oakley 70% of the sunglasses are from the headquarters base. Here 24 hours of non-stop operation, the staff three shifts, can produce 40,000 pairs of sunglasses every day. As the market demand for expansion, they also corresponding expansion. Now in Italy and China and South California have exactly the same factory here. Production base closer to the market, can effectively reduce transportation costs, make production more environmentally friendly and shorten the production cycle.

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We also took the time to visit the staff of the office, but here is not very convenient to take pictures, but we still photographed two championship shirt, of course, the right is the mountain world champion Nino Schulte; as for the left that piece, you Know who is it?

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Near the end of the journey, we came to the name of the Thunderdome theater, can accommodate about 440 people, usually for some staff meetings, film, etc., the famous driver Ricky Carmichael occasionally practice here

Here are the answers to the previous puzzle, where the films are: “Mad Max”, “Aliens” and “Blade Runner”. Are you right?

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After the visit, of course, to the factory shop sweep goods, where not only can find Oakley’s full range of products (including glasses, clothes, slippers and luggage, etc.), most of the considerable discount

Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses

Oakley headquarters near the building also built some soil slope site, employees can jump at any time, next to the bonfire party can also be held

We also in the process of visiting the Oakley and the designer also talked about, they also answered some of our friendly questions. Speaking of the Chinese market, they admit that the previous promotion efforts slightly less, because after all, the European and American markets are still their main goal. But with the increase in Chinese users and brand awareness, Oakley will certainly strengthen the work of the Chinese market, which includes recently established in Shanghai Oakley China office, and they officially signed the Chinese feather superstar Lin Dan as a spokesperson. “You might have been worried that Oakley ‘s products were designed for European and American people,” said the Asian designer, “but now I’m here and you know that I’m sure I’m going to focus on the Asian face design. As to whether Oakley will launch a more personalized custom custom coating, they said there is no such plan.

The way to distinguish true and false Oakley sunglasses

In 1975, the American scientist Jim Jannard to $ 300 began to create the Oakley brand (also known as Oakley). From research and development of new motorcycle handle to the very rich science and technology of optical sunglasses,  Oakley always walk in the forefront of technology, a lot of extraordinary creative design and application of new technology can be reflected in Oakley glasses. Oakley invented the HDO high definition optical technology (High Definition Optics), clearer vision and 100% UV and glare isolation, but also has a strong impact resistance, Oakley waterproof lens coating with the elimination of electrostatic charge function , Does not absorb dust and excellent anti-sweat, oil, skin care product protection layer, a number of high-performance advantages of Oakley sunglasses to become the US special operations forces standard.
Oakley sunglasses in 2014 in the Chinese market force, select the badminton champion lindane do spokesperson. As the top brand of outdoor sports glasses, Oakley stylish styling and excellent performance has also been favorable for fashion people. Can be free to replace the replacement of the lens, mirror legs bring more fresh feeling.
The movie “Matrix” Oakley sunglasses in the left a deep impression, “Spider-Man” and other films have Oakley appearance

Such a top sunglasses and equipment, naturally a lot of money prices (Oakley Lynx official flagship store prices generally around 2000). We should pay attention to Oakley sunglasses part of the Italian Lu Xun Di card Group production, but accessories, assembly, quality control all links are completed in the United States, China does not exist Oakley glasses of the original single. Another patriotic pig finishing the following true and false Oakley identification method, for reference in the purchase.
First, check the Oakley sunglasses packaging.
Oakley sunglasses packaging details As shown above, glasses, cartons, dust bag, manual and warranty card is a standard warranty, not all models have glasses box.
Oakley sunglasses packaging cartons, different styles of printing patterns will be different, here to check the box printing quality is clear, brand logo and description is consistent.
All the side of the box should have a white label, there are two different bar codes and corresponding glasses styles, color models and other details. Here to pay attention to detailed information should be consistent with the kind of glasses and instructions.

Dustproof bag is Oakley sunglasses sale standard, different styles of sunglasses dust bag has a different pattern, but the same is the surface smooth, delicate touch. Note that the dust bag should be neatly wired head, the label should have Oakley’s O-mark O or HDO logo, embroidery logo should be clear and delicate, the pattern is correct.
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Oakley sunglasses part of the style with glasses box, common style as shown below, the front of the box and zipper head oval-shaped O logo. Note glasses box should be high-quality, brand logo work fine no glitches. Some fake Oakley sunglasses box is a handbag or other style, but the above should have the O-shaped logo.
Second, check the work and fake Oakleys sunglasses inside the mirror leg information.
Oakley sunglasses have military version also has a limited edition and many other sports. Military version of the interchangeable lenses as shown below will have the production date, brand logo and other information of laser engraving, attention to carving should be clear, clean, and there will not feel burr and so on.
Oakley sunglasses mirror legs and the frame of the riveting parts are usually oval or square brand O-type signs, where attention to check whether the fine workmanship, there should not be dislocation or gap skew and so on.
Oakley sunglasses outlet left leg inside as shown below will have glasses models, focal length, size, etc. believe in the middle of a small Ou Keli O-type signs, and note that the information should be consistent with the description of packaging labels.
Cheap Oakley sunglasses inside the right leg of the mirror is the MADE IN U.S.A. logo, and the EU certification of the CE mark, note that origin will not have other countries, only the United States. As shown below:



Oakley global headquarters, why Oakley sunglasses are so cattle, you understand after read this

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If you do not know the picture above that building is Oakley’s global headquarters, then first see it, you will think of what? Military base A sci-fi movie In short, it does not look like a thing that exists in the real world, but in fact it is a real business building. Yes, Oakley is such a product or culture are cool to the bones of the sports brand. Oakley’s bike sports glasses are a lot of riders dream of equipment; but, for Oakley is located in the United States on the west coast of this cool headquarters building, as a result of many professional riders, , Probably a lot of riders do not understand. Last month, BIKETO reporter visited the “bunker”, feel a science fiction business experience.

Oakley is headquartered near Foothill Ranch in Los Angeles. Drove here, in addition to its domineering door, I am afraid you will be other things to live, such as the central turntable in front of the torpedo – this is a real torpedo! But unfortunately this is not to see the legendary stage that the tank in front of the tank – is also a service in World War II, the real tank, and now can start, in addition to where it as a “special decoration” of the In addition, it is said that occasionally open the rolling car and the boat what entertainment and entertainment. This time probably go out to carry out any important task of the bar.

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This is a real torpedo … … but think of Oakley’s products itself is also very popular with the military, and the headquarters is also in accordancewith the extraterrestrial fortress + military base design concept to build, you can understand why there will be these Strange thing

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The door of the close-up, in fact, look for a long time will suddenly feel like a budding Cyclops in the view of the distance, but his cheek, but two bullet design … …

In front of this place seems to be very science fiction, in fact, it really had three Hollywood movies set, and then look at the following description, you can guess which three? The answer is announced later.

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The door on both sides of the wall filled with huge ONE ICON words

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After the door will reach the hall, surrounded by the explosion-proof wall also makes people feel like a military fortress; inside the reception desk is wearing a low-cut harness sister paper, she will let you fill out a visit form

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The door above the fan, would have been transferred, the legend later had a naughty vice president climbed into a motor and chain, the results after two weeks only to find it “alive”

Oakley Active Sunglasses

The door next to a row of ejection seats, of course, is now to the rest of the visitors (but why there is a feeling of electric chairs … …)

Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses

The most striking of the hall is of course the cool do not know what word to describe the long wings of the skull, above the giant Oakley goggles is a screen, playing the promo

Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses

Behind the skull is a product display area

Oakley Dispatch Sunglasses

To go to other areas need to go through some corridors, but in the corridor which must be careful, because you are likely to encounter some “dangerous” guy – such as this strange fish

Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses
Do you guys hide so many odd things really? But really want to try driving about … … including the back of the red karting car

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

President’s office next to the reception, where there is a smaller crystal skull, as well as for guests to rest and wait for the ejection seat (the right side of the seat there is a pilot helmet Oh)

Oakley Fuel Cell SunglassesOakley Gascan Sunglasses

Crystal skull close-up, forehead Oakley logo, do not want to get one on the bedroom?

Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses

The wall of the reception desk has a distribution map of the Oakley Global Office, which is also a special design; the newly established Shanghai office does not seem to be on it, but it should be added soon

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

This door is probably behind the design department, because of confidentiality, we can not take pictures, can only look at the facade; the door next to the wall has a cool comic

Leading to the production sector corridor, both sides of the wall filled with Oakley’s history, and brand concept

Since it came here, then we are probably eight hundred and eight Oakley history of it Oakley is a scientific madman who claims to be a “crazy scientist” Jim Jannard in 1975, using a limited $ 300 hand – yes, you are not mistaken for $ 300. He is in the old garage laboratory, research and development of professional off-road motorcycle dedicated handle sets. At that time the motorcycle handle is a round rubber tube, no comfort, once stained with water will slip. Jim decided to change the world from changing the obscure set of time – no one would notice these details at the time. But he uses a unique pattern design and new material Unobtainium manufacturing sets, enhanced the player when the hand grip and perspiration function, and began to attract people’s attention. This is Oakley’s first product. The product won two patents, Jim to transcend the spirit of innovation to create the Oakley brand.

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

Oakley Empire is from the small set of the beginning of the establishment.

OAKLEY frogskins sunglasses evaluation

Oakley this sunglasses brand, just after all, within the early “Matrix” series of actors wearing a series of Oakley sports sunglasses  has left a really deep impression on individuals. So inside the hearts of quite a few persons, regardless of whether it is vision clarity (HDO), wearing comfort or appearance, Oakley sports sunglasses possess a really excellent reputation. This is a Rossi signed commemorative edition sunglasses, O Matter memory plastic material frame, three-point fitting design and style, gold coated lens to bring a clear vision (HDO), coupled with higher reflectivity in the mirror effect, have a decent Of your general efficiency.

Then hand the following evaluation started

First, out in the box
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Second, the look

Box + cloth + sunglasses + manual + warranty card + tag. Then we take a closer look in the particulars of this sunglasses
original-oakley-sunglasses oakley-sport-sunglasses oakley-polarized cheap-oakley-sunglasses best-fake-oakleys fake-oakleys-on-sale

O Matter memory plastic frame + three-point fit style (best match face wow) + gold coated lens to bring a clear vision (HDO) + ??plus a high degree of reflection of your mirror impact. Yes, this really is the technologies used in this fake oakley sunglasses, a variety of tall ah! In order that in the end numerous technologies to shoppers how you can bring the user practical experience?

Fourth, material

O Matter Memory Plastic Material: is often a high-tech plastic memory board. Ingredients: The present composition on the majority of acetate fiber plate, there are some high-end frame is propionate fiber. Although the acetate fiber sheet is divided into injection molding form and polished kind. Functions: easy introverted design and style style, the all round overall performance of your stable side, utilizing the ideal coloring method. Emphasizes the three-dimensional alterations within the mirror leg lines. Memory board replica oakley sunglasses out there refers for the use of TR90 material frame, collision extrusion generally is not going to be deformed, but afraid of exposure to some chemical substances, including alcohol as small as you possibly can speak to. The so-called TR90, Baidu entry explanation is extra detailed, reference, you refer towards the subsequent bar! TR-90 (plastic titanium) is often a memory polymer supplies, is the most popular international ultra-light frame material, with super toughness, impact put on resistance, low friction coefficient, can properly stop the movement , As a consequence of broken frames, friction on the eyes and face damage. Due to the fact of its certain molecular structure, superior chemical resistance, higher temperature atmosphere will not be straightforward to deformation, a short time is usually resistant to 350 degrees higher temperature, hard to melt and burn. No chemical residues released, in line with European requirements for meals grade materials. TR90 Spectacle frame surface lubrication, density 1.14-1.15, around the brine will float, lighter than other plastic frames, about half the weight of the box frame, nylon material is 85%, can lessen the bridge with the nose, ears, suitable for young men and women . It really is incredibly wear-resistant, good chemical resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance, and not quick to burn, higher temperature. And it’s a memory of the polymer material, resistance to deformation index 620kg / cm2, not easy to variant. TR90 material due to the elastic frame, toughness, not effortless to break, strength, no rupture, so it has sports security. And it can be resistant to influence: greater than 2 occasions the nylon material, ISO180 / IC:> 125kg / m2 elasticity, so as to correctly avert the influence with the movement within the eyes with the injury. In this case,

Compared using the nylon material, TR-90 material from the frame has the following qualities:

1, light weight: about half the weight on the box with all the frame, nylon 85% of your material, decreasing the bridge in the nose, ear burden, so put on a extra lightweight and comfy. In this case,

two, colorful: additional colorful than ordinary plastic frame colour exceptional. In this case,

3, effect resistance: more than two occasions the nylon material, ISO180 / IC:> 125kg / m2 elasticity, in an effort to efficiently prevent the effect inside the movement with the eye triggered by the injury. In this case,

4, high temperature: short time can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees, ISO527: resistance to deformation index of 620kg / cm2. Not straightforward to melt and burn. Not effortless to deformation from the frame just isn’t straightforward to change color, so that frames to wear longer. In this case,

5, security: the release of chemical residues, in line with European food-grade components. TR90 material than other computer, cp and other frames material is much more expensive, along with the production approach can also be a lot more stringent, so the price of TR90 frames than other high-priced numerous occasions. So: no wonder your!

Fifth, the usage of feelings

Hand only feel the sunglasses are extremely light, seriously as well as the material from the plate! why? Take my cheap oakley sunglasses to become a comparison of my correct.
cheap-oakleys-uk best-replica-oakleys
Yes sunglasses only 22g and I
commonly wear glasses 33g, this really is the material to bring the revolutionary progress!

So that the three-point match within the design and style from the movement will likely be able to experience it! Smell especially with sunglasses running inside the health club, my sunglasses is going to be pushed from time for you to time, two sunglasses because of its three-point fit style, it is going to not fall down Oh, but light is among the factors!

Gold coated lenses: the initial higher transmittance, clear no dead ends. The second filter performs effectively! Third, certainly, vibrant show!
Sixth, the summary

This pair of original oakley sunglasses possess a fantastic durability, while light and practical, taking into account the vibrant show, the logo around the frame is also pretty vibrant, so that users in peacetime drastically improve the retention price! Higher reflectivity in the mirror in order that no mirror with mm can usually use your glasses inside the mirror! You can ~ ~ ~ ~ and this lens is not going to betray your eyes ~ ~ ~ ~ Tu Hao, Liang Sao sunglasses, not take to the streets Cousin:  Oakley frogskins sunglasses evaluation

Sent glasses sets of protective glasses, even though not as great as box, but in exchange for a lot more light! As well as the lens bag can also rub sunglasses yo!

Improve the proposal: I hope you’ll be able to get 1 extra glasses box ~ another perfect! Usually do not know can not retain up with after-sales, including frames of the additional transfer ah! Can I customize the degree of sunglasses for myopia?



How to identify real and fake Oakley sunglasses?

The Oakley brand was co-founded by Jim Janard and basketball star Michael Jordan. OAKLEY sunglasses into the Chinese domestic market, also began to possess its imitation profit JS. Now, we come to understand some basic and precise identification oakley sunglasses of frequent sense, so as to avoid fake oakleys infringement.
Oakley sunglasses
real and fake identification:1

Appear at glasses bags
Genuine oakley sunglasses bag material thick, fine cloth pattern, uniform
color, sunglasses bags on Oakley HDO high-definition optical technologies logo. The fake normally do not have this high-definition optical technologies logo, only within the bag physique with a very simple printed logo.

2Appear at the glasses case appearance
Genuine oakley sunglasses with smooth material, fine texture uniform, fine workmanship. The imitation glasses box texture is
somewhat rough and loose, particularly the perform and have a greater gap between genuine, there will likely be burr or thread.
Look inside the glasses case
Genuine glasses box lid inside the loss prevention sponge lining is
one of compression molding high temperature, good elasticity, cotton bubble fine uniform, smooth edges. Here imitation goods sponge lining will not be the all round loss, and loose cotton, elasticity is poor.

Eyewear glasses box slot
inside the tidy, the gap is moderate, the glasses may be fully stuck in them, even if the original glasses glasses box and the original lens will not fall off to ensure that the glasses carrying zero friction within the way. The imitation is just a couple of pieces of uncomplicated foam pad.
See logo
Genuine glasses legs and lenses
possess a strong sense of permeability, logo long, inlaid fit great. Fake logo is extra close to the oval-shaped, inlay is just not excellent, there might be flash.
See glasses nose pads
Genuine oakley sunglasses nose pads rubber soft and smooth,
will not rub the bridge from the nose and cause discomfort, and also the subsequent box match the height in the glasses. Imitation nose pad at the rubber is relatively difficult, wear a lengthy time there is going to be discomfort generated.
Appear in the screws
Genuine glasses fixed screws are six slot plum blossom buckle anti-slip anti-loose
unique screws. The imitation with the screw is just ordinary four-slot screw.
8Appear at the mirror legs
Genuine oakley sunglasses, the distance
among the two mirror legs wide, about equal towards the typical width of most people skull, wearing comfortable, no pressure. While imitation goods mirror legs will have a narrower spacing, wearing a little longer there will be stress.

3814/5000 Original and fake Oakley JAWBREAKER sunglasses(Part I)

In current years, the mainland market place cottage goods began large-scale, into the establishment with the explosive flood. Using the previous sneaky manufacturing, true and false mixed promoting, shoddy behavior is distinct in the “Li Gui” began to brazenly fake costs, not merely completed the pursuit of “similarity” needs, should be to accomplish the “1: 1 “,” Higher imitation “,” fine imitation “or even” excellent particulars “of the realm,” A goods “,” Ultimate Edition “and other words following an additional, when shoppers opt for merchandise, planted a” .
The very first chapter: psychological impact Buy cottage, distinguish potential may be the crucialWhy do

men and women invest in knockoff oakleys? The “pragmatism” and “face” mentality in standard culture present a breeding ground for the sale of counterfeit goods. Xiao Bian on several years ago to see a social experiment within the chicken soup continues to be fresh – speaking regarding the exact same because the two counters to purchase cheap oakley sunglasses were worn to two testers, but told one of the testers she wore Is a fake. Since that is wearing a “fake” designer sunglasses testers may be wearing a fake psychological impact, within the next test activities in the performance is very natural, and wear “authentic” sunglasses compared to the behavior of test subjects there is significant difference. This experiment shows that persons really care concerning the product cottage or not, but explained from the other side, whether it can explain the lack of potential to identify solutions cottage or not? This will not be cottage production of “rational” interpretation – right after all, most men and women can not tell the difference between cottage and authentic.“Can be used”, “can not see”, these are the commonly used

to get cottage rhetoric, but in Xiaobian it seems this is self-deception, the real impact on the decision to get cottage would be the price and quality ratio, Known because the “price”, the price of different items to shoppers are also distinct affordability, or “price sensitivity” is different. When the price difference between the cottage and the genuine difference, the natural quality with the cottage to reduce the needs in the product, while the cottage quality improvement, the cost with the product will inevitably rise, leading to price increases, when the price reached his desired threshold, he either pick out to reduce Specifications, to get cheaper merchandise; or increase the budget, buy authentic merchandise.In fact, the cottage

with the product quality can never be compared together with the genuine, in addition to “a false” low imitation goods, higher imitation or imitation imitation of your cottage goods and genuine contrast, or obediently exposed.Chapter II: Yong broken cottage insider, small series to risk their lives

In order to uncover the mysterious veil of cottage

merchandise, Xiaobian specially selected with a riders cycling closely related to the analysis of objects, trying to show the so-called cottage “cost”, and then explore the value of genuine money spent in the end, For the riders to purchase products to give some reference.fake-oakleys
▲ protagonist of this article: swept the world Oakley riding sunglasses: JAWBREAKER, and cottage “with the models” glasses.

Oakley JAWBREAKER since the

industry has been favorable for the O powder, in the Tour de France, Central Italy and also other top events, down to the fun of the ride can enjoy the ride to determine its shadow, a star driver for its Endorsement, a full sense of science and technology shape, the design of a breakthrough all-inclusive, of course, ordinary buyers will gladly buy it. Such a hot single, cottage manufacturers will not give up this “opportunity”, a treasure on the “explosion models JAWBREAKER” hot, some shops even reached surprising volume. So these cottage JAWBREAKER have what characteristics? 

1st of all, in addition to the identical color with Oakley official, manufacturers are even more ingenuity, launched a lot of even the official did not show the “special color” to view the author for fake Oakleys sorry “If you have so many colors just fine “. The lens is without exception, all within the lower right corner etching “PRIZM” words, “Massaca?” Is Oakley PRIZM lens is also a big kill device? Then in addition to color, these cottage and genuine goods will have what kind of difference? Various manufacturers of cottage between the goods are also different?With these questions, Xiaobian specifically

to get a genuine Oakley JAWBREAKER (white and black color + PRIZM lenses), and the purchase in the so-called “TP90 Ultimate Edition” cottage with color glasses and ordinary PC version of your same color glasses cottage, Distinctive manufacturers of goods there are differences, but also bought a further shop “TP90 Ultimate Edition” glasses as a reference, choose a diverse color to show control.Out

of the box:
▲ single

in the appearance with the box, the biggest difference could be the size, JAWBREAKER genuine box compared to the previous product packaging to a small circle, it is because the manufacturers are “not kind” to reduce the incidental replacement lenses, Therefore, it is not necessary to use an excessively substantial package.▲ When the cottage even the bar code should be imitation,

buyers really want to open their eyes to distinguish well, fortunately, cottage goods packaging materials and printing quality has always been a bit poor quality, or really make it muddle through. Xiao Bian sincerely would like to ask: cottage manufacturers have this little smart why not on the right path?fake-oakleys-sunglasses

▲ genuine JAWBREAKER only with a pair of lenses, so soft shell size is much smaller, the contents

of your glasses, bags, soft shell, manual, elevator, replace the nose pad composition, the overall configuration and the past items slightly “shabby” .replica-oakleys-sunglasses

▲ and the cottage here as if KFC family barrels in general,

not merely have three replacement lenses, manuals, replace the nose care, bag, wipe glasses cloth variety, and even thanks to purchase postcards have, I really do not know what to say What is good, in the configuration with the richness, the cottage enough “kind”, it is no wonder that riders find buying cottage than buying genuine “happiness.”fake-oakleys-jawbreaker

▲ However, the configuration does not mean that more than good quality, the manual control point of view, the left (cottage) and the right (genuine)

on the print quality to be dwarfed by comparison, rough and teeth.Frame differences:


▲ just look at frames, I believe that many

people today are difficult to distinguish between a genuine and cottage. According to GB / T14214-2003 “basic needs and test methods of spectacle frames” standard, without the aid of a magnifying glass or other similar devices under the conditions of visual inspection of the appearance of spectacle frames, cottage and may be able to find the real difference.cheap-oakleys

▲ genuine logo rich metallic luster, oval slender, angular, this

is definitely the genuine high-quality work.cheap-fake-oakleys

higher imitation logo color is relatively dim, oval signs slightly bloated, have to say that the copycat inside the high imitation is also under some effort, the aviation aluminum alloy O mark, the cost is not low, there is money to engage in their own How good a brand.fake-oakleys-sports-sunglasses

A further higher imitation on the very same manufacturers there is such a problem, and there is no use has been scratched on the situationoakleys-lifestyle

▲ low imitation goods

the same color logo coloroakleys-women

▲ genuine and cottage

goods inside the mirror leg on the difference is small, even the test accuracy in the joint width from the mold is also quite uniform control, but the plastic material or mercilessly betrayed the identity of the cottage, or that sentence, Kung Fu do something bad. “oakleys-active
▲ internal logo is exposed cottage

products within the mold of your difference, authentic (top) JAWBREAKER logo clear and unobtrusive, but the high imitation goods is a bit “too much force”, too sharp too much prominent. Low imitation goods is limited by the material, was dubbed the “white marble” material (Xiaobian Nikon D750 actually appeared on the embarrassment of not on the … …). In addition, the mirror legs to adjust the gap between the parts of your buckle is relatively huge: genuine screws hide better, and higher imitation even highlight the goods, can not help but suspect that will not be used in the process of prolapse. In addition, the mirror legs and the mirror body work there are differences in the connection, there is even a higher imitation goods “outlet” – that within the plate processing process is not very fine.oakleys-men

▲ authentic (top) leg left leg device, so when the mirror legs will not wear glasses, and cottage

goods do not have this device, there continues to be room when the mirror legs close, mirror ends will touch the lens, long-term wear and tear Will reduce lens life.oakleys-polarized-sunglasses

▲ genuine (most left) screw product is relatively good, cottage screws specifications,

unique shapes, people can not help but doubt its durability, will not fall off.oakleys-polarized-twoface

▲ lock buckle is more intuitive reflects the genuine (left) and the difference between cottage

products, cottage metal buckle color even more bleak, although the cottage inside the metal material has been very, very close to authentic, but the metal paint Heavy sense, always can not match the level of genuine.fake-oakleys-polarized

▲ locking mechanism is reflected

inside the cottage frame material, and authentic (left) compared to the cottage from the lock buckle feel hard and obscure, the card does not enter the card does not tighten the situation often occurs.oakleys-dispatch-sunglasses

A further significant difference is that genuine (left) is equipped with a sponge pad to protect the lens, and cottage items are not the pad, lens wear just around the corner!oakleys-gascan-sunglasses

▲ mirror legs

of the work can be seen that the lack of cottage “sincerity”, with shoddy to describe not too much, the cottage mirror legs are very brittle material, the existence of burrs, rubber is very hard, wear the ears will be soft and sensitive Skin, long-term consequences can be disastrous to wear.oakleys-half-jacket-sunglasses

▲ Genuine

in the mirror leg engraved with L, R Yin Wen to distinguish around, although the eyes are not good then they can not tell concerning the mirror legs (with curvature ah pro), but still able to feel genuine within the details of sincerity, mirror Leg material soft and tough, non-slip rubber soft skin-friendly, alone this point Xiaobian wanted to throw out of the cottage replica Oakleys in the window, but think about follow-up evaluation, had to give up.Frame summary:


▲ Strictly speaking, authentic and cottage

could be the biggest difference between the material and feel.Material, the genuine Oakley is independent research and development

of your O Matter memory plastic, this material is safe non-toxic, lightweight and durable, higher elasticity and other characteristics, the actual use of view, relatively solid texture frame, there is no floating plastic sense”. Cottage items claimed to use the TR90 material, TR90 material is also a memory function from the polymer material, ultra-light, super tough, chemical resistance is better, more suitable for use as a frame, but rough surface treatment, take Within the hands of a kind of lingering cheap plastic sense,oakleys-straight-jacket-sunglasses

▲ genuine Oakley using Switchlock technology, you can quickly open the frame, the lens replacement, although the cottage also uses a similar structure, but the main body material, bearing and genuine there is a big difference, so feel poor, plus

Unique manufacturers of lens specifications differences, for the lens becomes very difficult.replica-oakleys-racing-jacket

authentic Oakley Unobtainium non-slip rubber material mirror legs and nose pads to enhance the grip to enhance the grip and comfort, reduce skin irritation, and cottage

products nose pads and mirror legs rough anti-skid workmanship, the use of what material is unknown , Sweating pores after exercise, unsolicited rubber will release exactly the same toxic substances is worrying.▲ spherical joint treatment can also see the genuine and cottage attitude to the product, which

may be the main factors affecting the use of feelings.▲ through the experiment, a cottage

solutions unique problems emerged – the frame can not be closed naturally, this may be the cottage merchandise, the flexibility of materials and mold tolerance caused by the embarrassment.▲ cottage Oakley in each replacement lens, they must use primitive power to “break straight.”

▲ weight, the cottage Oakley won, but cut corners to win is not shiny.