Oakley Prizm- let them go – first bomb: Flight Deck Prizm

About Prizm Technologies:

The human eye is very sensitive to two precise colors within a snowy atmosphere with fairly low color contrast, blue and orange. PRIZM technologies via the highlight and strengthen the two sensitive colors to filter other irrelevant background color, through the precise adjustment of your colour, clearly show the details from the snow environment, optimize the visual contrast, realistic rendering objects Color, in order that the contours of your object and texture to acquire additional clear insight. Skiers within the taxiing procedure is no longer subject to the background colour interference, visual attention is totally concentrated within the movement of obstacles in the observation and detailed judgments, see a lot more clearly in the snow, the reaction is a lot more rapid, the performance even better.
On the road to Prizm, Oakley spent 15 years, through the material and procedure modifications, and lastly in 2014 effectively launched. Interestingly, within the identical year Dragon also “tacit understanding” to launch the Transition variable light lens technology, so the market appeared a great deal of Prizm VS Transition or subjective or objective contrast and evaluation. Overview the last quarter of your snow mirror technologies battle, it really is seriously brilliant.

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For the actual feelings of Prizm, quoted the Olympic Games women’s mountain downhill champion American athlete Lindsay Vaughan’s evaluation: “Any snow inside the gully and convex surface of this series of smaller information inside the new PRIZM lens is clearly restored, one particular An insight, ice and snow ‘as’ sector, in no way seen just before.

About my snow mirror:

I was within the last snow season, with 1415 Dragon APX Transition and Oakley Suqian Canopy Prizm, had the habit of repeatedly comparing the entire season and experienced the newest two most desirable lens technology, also participated within the battle, I the majority of the time Are in the cost-effective and sensible point of view to pals encouraged Dragon Transition, and in actual fact they’re still more proud of Oakley Prizm.

So, in this new snow season, I added Oakley Flight Deck Prizm and A-Frame Prizm two snow glasses, and retained the Dragon APX Transition as a backup.

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For A-Frame, just like the military I truly is its loyal customers. Among the factors is that it can be SEAL’s imperial goggles. The purpose for the second, A-Frame is usually compatible with any helmet, with out hat, with hat, DH having a large hat and jaw. A-Frame full-line lenses, from Black Iridium to Clear also have or have, or observed. So this year also firmly chosen A-Frame Sapphire Iridium Prizm lens.

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For Flight Deck, look at an knowledge of Oakley’s Borderless Snow Mirror, which might be in comparison to the additional objective and Dragon Transition. This year’s Flight Deck, the identical selection could be the light transmittance inside the most practical worth with the iridium-plated Sapphire Iridium Prizm lens.

Oakley Flight Deck Sapphire Iridium Prim Encounter


I made use of the largest snow mirror, even larger than APX on a circle. Girls are also fully applicable, if you feel also abrupt, you may opt for Flight Deck XM model. Flight Deck would be the reference to the pilot helmet mask design of your snow mirror, so very higher grid, sapphire color using a massive lens coated with iridium reflective, full of a sense from the future. For the look, I personally like this design, while I have a knot of option A-Frame, but have to admit that Flight Deck is no border inside the mirror feel really attractive.

Helmet compatibility:

In use, the use of the hat without the need of the Uvex Hypersonic, the overall modest brim Giro Discord soft shell, and split tiny hat Uvex html5 Pro. 3 kinds of helmets, respectively, on behalf in the no eaves unobstructed snow above the ventilation holes; the entire smaller eaves above with an independent ventilation hole with snow above the upper hole; independent small cap eaves using a separate open ventilation holes, manual Combined with all the snow above the three diverse use of ventilation holes. Primarily observe the impact of your helmet around the anti-fog and defogging impact from the snow mirror, at the same time as the impact from the hat on the snow wear, the snow mirror strap along with the helmet binding effect.

The results show that, whether or not there isn’t any hat, or the all round small brim and split compact eaves, the Flight Deck won’t have an effect, using a helmet helmet and snow above the arc fit really complete, not right The nose part features a sense of oppression.

Snow mirror straps substantial, versatile, each inside the smooth surface of the helmet, or inside the matte surface of your helmet can possess a excellent friction, is not going to produce a slip.

And the helmet using the defogging fog function described in the subsequent section.

Defogging impact:

For snow mirror itself, anti-fog and defogging efficiency, snow mirror anti-fog effect will likely be affected by the helmet and face effect. At this stage in use, respectively, the usage of the Buff using a modest bite using a compact breathing face, Buff single layer of magic towel seamless face, Airhole with a massive breathing hole of your face as a distinctive use with the scene. Respectively, to observe the anti-fog impact of snow mirror.

Because of the usage of the period, the temperature is in between -6 ℃ ~ six ℃, humidity of about 65%, no encountered beneath -20 ℃ low temperature wind drying and other extra extreme climate, so in extreme environments, Fog impact only as soon as once more wait for climate modify following additional experience.

In the above temperature and humidity, just after all day replacement combination of wearing a helmet and face, open the closed helmet ventilation holes, select a different breathing hole of your face, face pressure in the snow mirror, or on the outdoors of the snow mirror, are Didn’t create snow on the effect of anti-fog and defogging. There is absolutely no fog phenomenon, soon after the movement, the snow mirror into the helmet through the hole above, did not locate the fog generated.


Asian models can meet the Asian face, especially the cheekbones and nose components from the shape, won’t decline, it is going to not generate a sense of oppression, it is not just add the sponge parts with the nose may be achieved. Oakley’s Asian fit is usually a large amount of study and experiment. For Flight Deck such a big snow mirror, the weight handle is extremely very good, the shape on the Asian section and multi-layer multi-density sponge liner, so that following the bandage, it is going to not generate oppression, so put on a high degree of comfort, And even the collapse with the bridge is not going to conveniently fall.

As for the feeling on the lens, can only say that people can not quit, wide field of vision, no peripheral framework from the blind spot, there’s no internal framework of your effect of line of sight, and help OTG (Over The Glasses, which can be to support the internal application of myopia, but strongly Propose performing so, try to work with speak to lenses, so the safest). For the sense of clarity would be the require to contrast by means of distinct lens technology to have knowledge. With the light transmittance Prizm and ordinary plated iridium film in the lens soon after comparison, will of course feel the degree of reduction, contrast and clarity higher, but only within the replacement on the contrast will be aware of, when the starting has been making use of Prizm , Then you may perhaps feel that such clarity is usually a matter needless to say, only immediately after you replace the use of different lenses, will uncover Prizm like listening to music, taste food, taste after gone, want to come down may very well be hard.

But the Prizm lens is not Transition, there’s a specific selection of light transmission limit, for the fairly versatile sapphire plated iridium film Prizm lens, the light and too dark, can only be tolerated, this is not An all-weather adaptive lens, but for typical climate, a lens can also be enough to support the shady slope of your Dragon from eight:30 am cable vehicle, till 5 pm down a pleasant day.

Disassemble Replacement Lens:

Flight Deck replacement lenses in general is still fairly simple, the framework is extremely soft, the new snow lens breaking the lens when it truly is extremely smooth, quick to set up and replace the lens, try to remember to dismantle from major to bottom, when installed from bottom to prime The law is usually, and glasses inside the box also includes a detailed dismantling installation diagram, clear and straightforward to know.

There is absolutely no other Flight Deck lens on hand, but nevertheless use a range of or rough or delicate solution to repeatedly dismantle the lens a dozen instances, due to the fact the frame and lens interface style is quite scientific, right after every single installation up, the gap could be maintained The general consistency, individuals replace the lens can also be extremely practical, do not have to be concerned about simply because the seal isn’t fog. Lens area is huge, but also no border design, dismantling the installation is easy to rub on the fingerprint, in the event you can like Airbrake and Airwave with Switchlock may be additional hassle-free to replace the lens, you could properly minimize the fingerprint pollution.

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to sum up

Since the use of Flight Deck, I am pretty happy using the use of scenery, sight, sight, comfort, compatibility along with other elements, are worth for income, regrettably, this year’s climate has not been in a position to kind the ultimate test of the climate atmosphere, otherwise You are able to know the cold fog in the case of anti-fog impact. But this year’s warm winter can show the ideal test climate, seriously difficult to say.

The next bomb are going to be my preferred A-Frame Prizm snow mirror evaluation, so remain tuned.