The US Special Forces oakley glasses models

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Oakley goggle in the figure should be the following style:
authentic oakleys
FLIGHT DECK ™ Flight deck Frame color Frame color WHITE White Lens color Lens color Blue Iridium Blue iridium coating Transparency 15% for sunny Price Price 180 USD 180 USD (pre-tax) I also like this Goggle last year In November when the official website of a set, and selected the Asian version of the Asian version of the design at the bridge of the nose will be narrower to fit the lower nose of the Asians and narrower nose results for a month without goods, but Usually skiing has not seen someone wearing this flying deck, feeling may not produce a lot of it The price is above the high-end snow mirror, but the price is generally I am now using Smith Optics IO / X, you can wear myopia glasses, and comes with a replaceable lens is a 15% transmittance, apply In the sunny day, one is 55% for snow or cloudy days



How to identify real and fake Oakley sunglasses?

The Oakley brand was co-founded by Jim Janard and basketball star Michael Jordan. OAKLEY sunglasses into the Chinese domestic market, also began to possess its imitation profit JS. Now, we come to understand some basic and precise identification oakley sunglasses of frequent sense, so as to avoid fake oakleys infringement.
Oakley sunglasses
real and fake identification:1

Appear at glasses bags
Genuine oakley sunglasses bag material thick, fine cloth pattern, uniform
color, sunglasses bags on Oakley HDO high-definition optical technologies logo. The fake normally do not have this high-definition optical technologies logo, only within the bag physique with a very simple printed logo.

2Appear at the glasses case appearance
Genuine oakley sunglasses with smooth material, fine texture uniform, fine workmanship. The imitation glasses box texture is
somewhat rough and loose, particularly the perform and have a greater gap between genuine, there will likely be burr or thread.
Look inside the glasses case
Genuine glasses box lid inside the loss prevention sponge lining is
one of compression molding high temperature, good elasticity, cotton bubble fine uniform, smooth edges. Here imitation goods sponge lining will not be the all round loss, and loose cotton, elasticity is poor.

Eyewear glasses box slot
inside the tidy, the gap is moderate, the glasses may be fully stuck in them, even if the original glasses glasses box and the original lens will not fall off to ensure that the glasses carrying zero friction within the way. The imitation is just a couple of pieces of uncomplicated foam pad.
See logo
Genuine glasses legs and lenses
possess a strong sense of permeability, logo long, inlaid fit great. Fake logo is extra close to the oval-shaped, inlay is just not excellent, there might be flash.
See glasses nose pads
Genuine oakley sunglasses nose pads rubber soft and smooth,
will not rub the bridge from the nose and cause discomfort, and also the subsequent box match the height in the glasses. Imitation nose pad at the rubber is relatively difficult, wear a lengthy time there is going to be discomfort generated.
Appear in the screws
Genuine glasses fixed screws are six slot plum blossom buckle anti-slip anti-loose
unique screws. The imitation with the screw is just ordinary four-slot screw.
8Appear at the mirror legs
Genuine oakley sunglasses, the distance
among the two mirror legs wide, about equal towards the typical width of most people skull, wearing comfortable, no pressure. While imitation goods mirror legs will have a narrower spacing, wearing a little longer there will be stress.

3814/5000 Original and fake Oakley JAWBREAKER sunglasses(Part I)

In current years, the mainland market place cottage goods began large-scale, into the establishment with the explosive flood. Using the previous sneaky manufacturing, true and false mixed promoting, shoddy behavior is distinct in the “Li Gui” began to brazenly fake costs, not merely completed the pursuit of “similarity” needs, should be to accomplish the “1: 1 “,” Higher imitation “,” fine imitation “or even” excellent particulars “of the realm,” A goods “,” Ultimate Edition “and other words following an additional, when shoppers opt for merchandise, planted a” .
The very first chapter: psychological impact Buy cottage, distinguish potential may be the crucialWhy do

men and women invest in knockoff oakleys? The “pragmatism” and “face” mentality in standard culture present a breeding ground for the sale of counterfeit goods. Xiao Bian on several years ago to see a social experiment within the chicken soup continues to be fresh – speaking regarding the exact same because the two counters to purchase cheap oakley sunglasses were worn to two testers, but told one of the testers she wore Is a fake. Since that is wearing a “fake” designer sunglasses testers may be wearing a fake psychological impact, within the next test activities in the performance is very natural, and wear “authentic” sunglasses compared to the behavior of test subjects there is significant difference. This experiment shows that persons really care concerning the product cottage or not, but explained from the other side, whether it can explain the lack of potential to identify solutions cottage or not? This will not be cottage production of “rational” interpretation – right after all, most men and women can not tell the difference between cottage and authentic.“Can be used”, “can not see”, these are the commonly used

to get cottage rhetoric, but in Xiaobian it seems this is self-deception, the real impact on the decision to get cottage would be the price and quality ratio, Known because the “price”, the price of different items to shoppers are also distinct affordability, or “price sensitivity” is different. When the price difference between the cottage and the genuine difference, the natural quality with the cottage to reduce the needs in the product, while the cottage quality improvement, the cost with the product will inevitably rise, leading to price increases, when the price reached his desired threshold, he either pick out to reduce Specifications, to get cheaper merchandise; or increase the budget, buy authentic merchandise.In fact, the cottage

with the product quality can never be compared together with the genuine, in addition to “a false” low imitation goods, higher imitation or imitation imitation of your cottage goods and genuine contrast, or obediently exposed.Chapter II: Yong broken cottage insider, small series to risk their lives

In order to uncover the mysterious veil of cottage

merchandise, Xiaobian specially selected with a riders cycling closely related to the analysis of objects, trying to show the so-called cottage “cost”, and then explore the value of genuine money spent in the end, For the riders to purchase products to give some reference.fake-oakleys
▲ protagonist of this article: swept the world Oakley riding sunglasses: JAWBREAKER, and cottage “with the models” glasses.

Oakley JAWBREAKER since the

industry has been favorable for the O powder, in the Tour de France, Central Italy and also other top events, down to the fun of the ride can enjoy the ride to determine its shadow, a star driver for its Endorsement, a full sense of science and technology shape, the design of a breakthrough all-inclusive, of course, ordinary buyers will gladly buy it. Such a hot single, cottage manufacturers will not give up this “opportunity”, a treasure on the “explosion models JAWBREAKER” hot, some shops even reached surprising volume. So these cottage JAWBREAKER have what characteristics? 

1st of all, in addition to the identical color with Oakley official, manufacturers are even more ingenuity, launched a lot of even the official did not show the “special color” to view the author for fake Oakleys sorry “If you have so many colors just fine “. The lens is without exception, all within the lower right corner etching “PRIZM” words, “Massaca?” Is Oakley PRIZM lens is also a big kill device? Then in addition to color, these cottage and genuine goods will have what kind of difference? Various manufacturers of cottage between the goods are also different?With these questions, Xiaobian specifically

to get a genuine Oakley JAWBREAKER (white and black color + PRIZM lenses), and the purchase in the so-called “TP90 Ultimate Edition” cottage with color glasses and ordinary PC version of your same color glasses cottage, Distinctive manufacturers of goods there are differences, but also bought a further shop “TP90 Ultimate Edition” glasses as a reference, choose a diverse color to show control.Out

of the box:
▲ single

in the appearance with the box, the biggest difference could be the size, JAWBREAKER genuine box compared to the previous product packaging to a small circle, it is because the manufacturers are “not kind” to reduce the incidental replacement lenses, Therefore, it is not necessary to use an excessively substantial package.▲ When the cottage even the bar code should be imitation,

buyers really want to open their eyes to distinguish well, fortunately, cottage goods packaging materials and printing quality has always been a bit poor quality, or really make it muddle through. Xiao Bian sincerely would like to ask: cottage manufacturers have this little smart why not on the right path?fake-oakleys-sunglasses

▲ genuine JAWBREAKER only with a pair of lenses, so soft shell size is much smaller, the contents

of your glasses, bags, soft shell, manual, elevator, replace the nose pad composition, the overall configuration and the past items slightly “shabby” .replica-oakleys-sunglasses

▲ and the cottage here as if KFC family barrels in general,

not merely have three replacement lenses, manuals, replace the nose care, bag, wipe glasses cloth variety, and even thanks to purchase postcards have, I really do not know what to say What is good, in the configuration with the richness, the cottage enough “kind”, it is no wonder that riders find buying cottage than buying genuine “happiness.”fake-oakleys-jawbreaker

▲ However, the configuration does not mean that more than good quality, the manual control point of view, the left (cottage) and the right (genuine)

on the print quality to be dwarfed by comparison, rough and teeth.Frame differences:


▲ just look at frames, I believe that many

people today are difficult to distinguish between a genuine and cottage. According to GB / T14214-2003 “basic needs and test methods of spectacle frames” standard, without the aid of a magnifying glass or other similar devices under the conditions of visual inspection of the appearance of spectacle frames, cottage and may be able to find the real

▲ genuine logo rich metallic luster, oval slender, angular, this

is definitely the genuine high-quality

higher imitation logo color is relatively dim, oval signs slightly bloated, have to say that the copycat inside the high imitation is also under some effort, the aviation aluminum alloy O mark, the cost is not low, there is money to engage in their own How good a brand.fake-oakleys-sports-sunglasses

A further higher imitation on the very same manufacturers there is such a problem, and there is no use has been scratched on the situationoakleys-lifestyle

▲ low imitation goods

the same color logo coloroakleys-women

▲ genuine and cottage

goods inside the mirror leg on the difference is small, even the test accuracy in the joint width from the mold is also quite uniform control, but the plastic material or mercilessly betrayed the identity of the cottage, or that sentence, Kung Fu do something bad. “oakleys-active
▲ internal logo is exposed cottage

products within the mold of your difference, authentic (top) JAWBREAKER logo clear and unobtrusive, but the high imitation goods is a bit “too much force”, too sharp too much prominent. Low imitation goods is limited by the material, was dubbed the “white marble” material (Xiaobian Nikon D750 actually appeared on the embarrassment of not on the … …). In addition, the mirror legs to adjust the gap between the parts of your buckle is relatively huge: genuine screws hide better, and higher imitation even highlight the goods, can not help but suspect that will not be used in the process of prolapse. In addition, the mirror legs and the mirror body work there are differences in the connection, there is even a higher imitation goods “outlet” – that within the plate processing process is not very fine.oakleys-men

▲ authentic (top) leg left leg device, so when the mirror legs will not wear glasses, and cottage

goods do not have this device, there continues to be room when the mirror legs close, mirror ends will touch the lens, long-term wear and tear Will reduce lens life.oakleys-polarized-sunglasses

▲ genuine (most left) screw product is relatively good, cottage screws specifications,

unique shapes, people can not help but doubt its durability, will not fall off.oakleys-polarized-twoface

▲ lock buckle is more intuitive reflects the genuine (left) and the difference between cottage

products, cottage metal buckle color even more bleak, although the cottage inside the metal material has been very, very close to authentic, but the metal paint Heavy sense, always can not match the level of genuine.fake-oakleys-polarized

▲ locking mechanism is reflected

inside the cottage frame material, and authentic (left) compared to the cottage from the lock buckle feel hard and obscure, the card does not enter the card does not tighten the situation often occurs.oakleys-dispatch-sunglasses

A further significant difference is that genuine (left) is equipped with a sponge pad to protect the lens, and cottage items are not the pad, lens wear just around the corner!oakleys-gascan-sunglasses

▲ mirror legs

of the work can be seen that the lack of cottage “sincerity”, with shoddy to describe not too much, the cottage mirror legs are very brittle material, the existence of burrs, rubber is very hard, wear the ears will be soft and sensitive Skin, long-term consequences can be disastrous to wear.oakleys-half-jacket-sunglasses

▲ Genuine

in the mirror leg engraved with L, R Yin Wen to distinguish around, although the eyes are not good then they can not tell concerning the mirror legs (with curvature ah pro), but still able to feel genuine within the details of sincerity, mirror Leg material soft and tough, non-slip rubber soft skin-friendly, alone this point Xiaobian wanted to throw out of the cottage replica Oakleys in the window, but think about follow-up evaluation, had to give up.Frame summary:


▲ Strictly speaking, authentic and cottage

could be the biggest difference between the material and feel.Material, the genuine Oakley is independent research and development

of your O Matter memory plastic, this material is safe non-toxic, lightweight and durable, higher elasticity and other characteristics, the actual use of view, relatively solid texture frame, there is no floating plastic sense”. Cottage items claimed to use the TR90 material, TR90 material is also a memory function from the polymer material, ultra-light, super tough, chemical resistance is better, more suitable for use as a frame, but rough surface treatment, take Within the hands of a kind of lingering cheap plastic sense,oakleys-straight-jacket-sunglasses

▲ genuine Oakley using Switchlock technology, you can quickly open the frame, the lens replacement, although the cottage also uses a similar structure, but the main body material, bearing and genuine there is a big difference, so feel poor, plus

Unique manufacturers of lens specifications differences, for the lens becomes very difficult.replica-oakleys-racing-jacket

authentic Oakley Unobtainium non-slip rubber material mirror legs and nose pads to enhance the grip to enhance the grip and comfort, reduce skin irritation, and cottage

products nose pads and mirror legs rough anti-skid workmanship, the use of what material is unknown , Sweating pores after exercise, unsolicited rubber will release exactly the same toxic substances is worrying.▲ spherical joint treatment can also see the genuine and cottage attitude to the product, which

may be the main factors affecting the use of feelings.▲ through the experiment, a cottage

solutions unique problems emerged – the frame can not be closed naturally, this may be the cottage merchandise, the flexibility of materials and mold tolerance caused by the embarrassment.▲ cottage Oakley in each replacement lens, they must use primitive power to “break straight.”

▲ weight, the cottage Oakley won, but cut corners to win is not shiny.