The US Special Forces oakley glasses models

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Oakley goggle in the figure should be the following style:
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FLIGHT DECK ™ Flight deck Frame color Frame color WHITE White Lens color Lens color Blue Iridium Blue iridium coating Transparency 15% for sunny Price Price 180 USD 180 USD (pre-tax) I also like this Goggle last year In November when the official website of a set, and selected the Asian version of the Asian version of the design at the bridge of the nose will be narrower to fit the lower nose of the Asians and narrower nose results for a month without goods, but Usually skiing has not seen someone wearing this flying deck, feeling may not produce a lot of it The price is above the high-end snow mirror, but the price is generally I am now using Smith Optics IO / X, you can wear myopia glasses, and comes with a replaceable lens is a 15% transmittance, apply In the sunny day, one is 55% for snow or cloudy days



OAKLEY frogskins sunglasses evaluation

Oakley this sunglasses brand, just after all, within the early “Matrix” series of actors wearing a series of Oakley sports sunglasses  has left a really deep impression on individuals. So inside the hearts of quite a few persons, regardless of whether it is vision clarity (HDO), wearing comfort or appearance, Oakley sports sunglasses possess a really excellent reputation. This is a Rossi signed commemorative edition sunglasses, O Matter memory plastic material frame, three-point fitting design and style, gold coated lens to bring a clear vision (HDO), coupled with higher reflectivity in the mirror effect, have a decent Of your general efficiency.

Then hand the following evaluation started

First, out in the box
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Second, the look

Box + cloth + sunglasses + manual + warranty card + tag. Then we take a closer look in the particulars of this sunglasses
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O Matter memory plastic frame + three-point fit style (best match face wow) + gold coated lens to bring a clear vision (HDO) + ??plus a high degree of reflection of your mirror impact. Yes, this really is the technologies used in this fake oakley sunglasses, a variety of tall ah! In order that in the end numerous technologies to shoppers how you can bring the user practical experience?

Fourth, material

O Matter Memory Plastic Material: is often a high-tech plastic memory board. Ingredients: The present composition on the majority of acetate fiber plate, there are some high-end frame is propionate fiber. Although the acetate fiber sheet is divided into injection molding form and polished kind. Functions: easy introverted design and style style, the all round overall performance of your stable side, utilizing the ideal coloring method. Emphasizes the three-dimensional alterations within the mirror leg lines. Memory board replica oakley sunglasses out there refers for the use of TR90 material frame, collision extrusion generally is not going to be deformed, but afraid of exposure to some chemical substances, including alcohol as small as you possibly can speak to. The so-called TR90, Baidu entry explanation is extra detailed, reference, you refer towards the subsequent bar! TR-90 (plastic titanium) is often a memory polymer supplies, is the most popular international ultra-light frame material, with super toughness, impact put on resistance, low friction coefficient, can properly stop the movement , As a consequence of broken frames, friction on the eyes and face damage. Due to the fact of its certain molecular structure, superior chemical resistance, higher temperature atmosphere will not be straightforward to deformation, a short time is usually resistant to 350 degrees higher temperature, hard to melt and burn. No chemical residues released, in line with European requirements for meals grade materials. TR90 Spectacle frame surface lubrication, density 1.14-1.15, around the brine will float, lighter than other plastic frames, about half the weight of the box frame, nylon material is 85%, can lessen the bridge with the nose, ears, suitable for young men and women . It really is incredibly wear-resistant, good chemical resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance, and not quick to burn, higher temperature. And it’s a memory of the polymer material, resistance to deformation index 620kg / cm2, not easy to variant. TR90 material due to the elastic frame, toughness, not effortless to break, strength, no rupture, so it has sports security. And it can be resistant to influence: greater than 2 occasions the nylon material, ISO180 / IC:> 125kg / m2 elasticity, so as to correctly avert the influence with the movement within the eyes with the injury. In this case,

Compared using the nylon material, TR-90 material from the frame has the following qualities:

1, light weight: about half the weight on the box with all the frame, nylon 85% of your material, decreasing the bridge in the nose, ear burden, so put on a extra lightweight and comfy. In this case,

two, colorful: additional colorful than ordinary plastic frame colour exceptional. In this case,

3, effect resistance: more than two occasions the nylon material, ISO180 / IC:> 125kg / m2 elasticity, in an effort to efficiently prevent the effect inside the movement with the eye triggered by the injury. In this case,

4, high temperature: short time can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees, ISO527: resistance to deformation index of 620kg / cm2. Not straightforward to melt and burn. Not effortless to deformation from the frame just isn’t straightforward to change color, so that frames to wear longer. In this case,

5, security: the release of chemical residues, in line with European food-grade components. TR90 material than other computer, cp and other frames material is much more expensive, along with the production approach can also be a lot more stringent, so the price of TR90 frames than other high-priced numerous occasions. So: no wonder your!

Fifth, the usage of feelings

Hand only feel the sunglasses are extremely light, seriously as well as the material from the plate! why? Take my cheap oakley sunglasses to become a comparison of my correct.
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Yes sunglasses only 22g and I
commonly wear glasses 33g, this really is the material to bring the revolutionary progress!

So that the three-point match within the design and style from the movement will likely be able to experience it! Smell especially with sunglasses running inside the health club, my sunglasses is going to be pushed from time for you to time, two sunglasses because of its three-point fit style, it is going to not fall down Oh, but light is among the factors!

Gold coated lenses: the initial higher transmittance, clear no dead ends. The second filter performs effectively! Third, certainly, vibrant show!
Sixth, the summary

This pair of original oakley sunglasses possess a fantastic durability, while light and practical, taking into account the vibrant show, the logo around the frame is also pretty vibrant, so that users in peacetime drastically improve the retention price! Higher reflectivity in the mirror in order that no mirror with mm can usually use your glasses inside the mirror! You can ~ ~ ~ ~ and this lens is not going to betray your eyes ~ ~ ~ ~ Tu Hao, Liang Sao sunglasses, not take to the streets Cousin:  Oakley frogskins sunglasses evaluation

Sent glasses sets of protective glasses, even though not as great as box, but in exchange for a lot more light! As well as the lens bag can also rub sunglasses yo!

Improve the proposal: I hope you’ll be able to get 1 extra glasses box ~ another perfect! Usually do not know can not retain up with after-sales, including frames of the additional transfer ah! Can I customize the degree of sunglasses for myopia?



How to identify real and fake Oakley sunglasses?

The Oakley brand was co-founded by Jim Janard and basketball star Michael Jordan. OAKLEY sunglasses into the Chinese domestic market, also began to possess its imitation profit JS. Now, we come to understand some basic and precise identification oakley sunglasses of frequent sense, so as to avoid fake oakleys infringement.
Oakley sunglasses
real and fake identification:1

Appear at glasses bags
Genuine oakley sunglasses bag material thick, fine cloth pattern, uniform
color, sunglasses bags on Oakley HDO high-definition optical technologies logo. The fake normally do not have this high-definition optical technologies logo, only within the bag physique with a very simple printed logo.

2Appear at the glasses case appearance
Genuine oakley sunglasses with smooth material, fine texture uniform, fine workmanship. The imitation glasses box texture is
somewhat rough and loose, particularly the perform and have a greater gap between genuine, there will likely be burr or thread.
Look inside the glasses case
Genuine glasses box lid inside the loss prevention sponge lining is
one of compression molding high temperature, good elasticity, cotton bubble fine uniform, smooth edges. Here imitation goods sponge lining will not be the all round loss, and loose cotton, elasticity is poor.

Eyewear glasses box slot
inside the tidy, the gap is moderate, the glasses may be fully stuck in them, even if the original glasses glasses box and the original lens will not fall off to ensure that the glasses carrying zero friction within the way. The imitation is just a couple of pieces of uncomplicated foam pad.
See logo
Genuine glasses legs and lenses
possess a strong sense of permeability, logo long, inlaid fit great. Fake logo is extra close to the oval-shaped, inlay is just not excellent, there might be flash.
See glasses nose pads
Genuine oakley sunglasses nose pads rubber soft and smooth,
will not rub the bridge from the nose and cause discomfort, and also the subsequent box match the height in the glasses. Imitation nose pad at the rubber is relatively difficult, wear a lengthy time there is going to be discomfort generated.
Appear in the screws
Genuine glasses fixed screws are six slot plum blossom buckle anti-slip anti-loose
unique screws. The imitation with the screw is just ordinary four-slot screw.
8Appear at the mirror legs
Genuine oakley sunglasses, the distance
among the two mirror legs wide, about equal towards the typical width of most people skull, wearing comfortable, no pressure. While imitation goods mirror legs will have a narrower spacing, wearing a little longer there will be stress.